Fall Quarter

A Note from Lynn about Tumultuous Times and the Fall Season of the Miracles Course

Are you held back by fear?

Do you dread feeling out of control?

Do you have difficulty letting go and allowing endings?

Do you long to feel safe?

Then please read on….


An excerpt from the Miracles Course fall season:
“The inner work of fall invites us to look at our relationship to change, our adaptability, our comfort with endings and being out of control. The spiritual potential inherent in this six-month descent into darkness and the symbolic underworld it represents is that, in meeting our darkest fears head on, we emerge with the deep knowing that, in truth, there’s nothing to fear.”

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, fall begins a six-month descent into seasonal darkness. But something bigger is happening these days-our whole world seems to be moving into dark and unprecedented territory. Just yesterday as I listened to the radio while I worked, I heard the hosts describe themselves as curled up in a fetal position on the studio floor just by the intensity of the daily news: Iraq dissolving into chaos; the Israeli-Palestinian conflict again erupting into war; the Ukrainian-Russian conflict continuing; an unprecedented and uncontained Ebola epidemic growing out of control; “war” breaking out in… where? Missouri?!! And let’s not forget, the environment is still doing something frighteningly unprecedented nearly every day.

This week I’ve had a handful of people whom I usually think of as positive and strong contact me for support through personal crises that are shaking them to their core.  

Something unprecedented is
happening and, on some level, we’re all in it together. If we’re willing, it’s a call to move out of the comfort zone of unconscious existence-to move beyond the life of a victim into true empowerment where we become creators of our destiny and capable of leading those around us into whatever’s coming next.

 Even though the alternative of living unconsciously, buffeted by unwanted circumstances, is a painful existence, it’s easy in its familiarity. It requires no bold choices. It takes courage to leave life as we know it and choose our own destiny by walking willingly into the symbolic underworld of fear, death, and the unknown. It’s a profoundly healing journey and one that rewards us with many previously hidden treasures of Self. Just as the ruling force of light in the spring urges us to reach for our dreams, fall’s darkness compels us to reach just as high, toward a pinnacle of perspective and wisdom. At that peak, we discover our true power and purpose, and cease to be defined by our fears.-Excerpt from the Miracles Course Fall season  


This is the journey of the Miracles Course Fall Quarter. Will you join us?

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The First Class of the Fall Quarter is Free

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Wednesday, September 4, 7 PM Central Time.

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A Talk by Miracles Course Faculty Member, Reverend Deb Teramani  

I am including here this powerful talk given by Rev. Deb who is the co-pastor of the Baltimore Center for Spiritual Living, a New Thought denomination that practices Science of Mind. This talk was presented to her congregation on the topic of,

“What’s Next? I’m Available.” http://www.cslbaltimore.org/index.php/center-for-spiritual-living-baltimore-talks/what-s-next-i-m-available

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