About the Miracles Course

About The Miracles Course

To everything there is a season…

Lynn Woodland’s Miracles Course sets a comprehensive New Thought study program into a circular, seasonal format for a uniquely powerful experience. It’s an organic journey into wholeness with an emphasis on balanced, empowered living, not just the creation of isolated results. There’s something easy, natural, and “connected” about the circular curriculum. It has an expansive, unifying effect much greater than the teachings alone. The weekly lessons establish a rhythm and expectation for life that draw students along so they soon notice desired goals developing naturally in the spring-summer “growing” seasons of the year, unwanted burdens dropping away in fall as effortlessly as leaves from trees, and other focuses of the course seeming to miraculously appear and resolve when their “seasons” come round. Struggle gives way to a more harmonious flow of easy transitions and “connected,” purposeful living. Even if you live where the four seasons are less pronounced, this archetypal template will set an easy pace for growth and success. While many use the course purely for personal growth, it also offers the opportunity for ordination, for those wanting this certification.


The Miracles Course offers a variety of participation options including written materials, recorded meditations, live webinars and phone conferences, one-to-one guidance sessions, and online forums for interacting with students and faculty. Some of these options are mandatory for students seeking ordination. Otherwise, students are free to make use of the offerings that best serve their needs.


The heart of the Course is a weekly, written lesson, authored by Lynn Woodland, and delivered to students twelve weeks out of every quarter (resulting in one week off each quarter). These are accessed online via a website that only students may enter. Many lessons also include audio downloads of guided visualizations led by Lynn Woodland. Each lesson has an online forum connected to it where students may post comments and questions related to that lesson. This posting is optional except for those students seeking ordination. Student Supervisor, Reverend Sandy Boyer, the faculty member most involved in monitoring students’ work toward ordination, participates in the online forum, offering assistance and supervision. “God, Light and the Zero Point Field” (A sample lesson)


On most weeks, Course Creator, Lynn Woodland conducts a live webinar presentation of each lesson. (There may be some exceptions to this routine related to Lynn’s travel schedule and holidays.) Students are strongly encouraged to attend these live classes, though it’s not a requirement for ordination. These live classes are where students have direct access to Lynn Woodland to learn, ask questions, and discuss the material with other students. While there will be recordings made available, live participation is encouraged to preserve the opportunity for group interaction. Any computer with internet access will enable you to participate. Most recent model computers with Skype capability have a built-in web cam and microphone, which will allow you to be seen (this is optional) and heard by other participants.


Each student has the option to schedule one private phone session each quarter with Reverend Deb Teramani. Rev. Deb has studied metaphysics and world religions since her teens and extensively studied with people from diverse spiritual traditions. She has been developing her psychic gifts for over 50 years and draws from a lifetime of spiritual skills including healer, intuitive counselor, spiritual teacher and minister. She is particularly known for her powerful prayer work where she prays consistently for recipients seeking her assistance, not stopping until their issues are satisfactorily resolved. She has many testimonials of miracles from those for whom she has prayed. Private phone sessions last from 30-60 minutes and are directed to best meet the needs of each student. They are a place to bring pressing personal questions, life issues, and desires for spiritual assistance. Rev. Deb brings the full spectrum of her skills and expertise to these sessions to assist students in manifesting goals, achieving healing and well-being, and fulfilling life purposes. These one-on-one sessions are optional except for those seeking ordination. Students may opt for more than one private session per quarter by contracting with Rev. Deb privately at her regular fee.


These classes are in addition to the weekly lesson with Lynn Woodland and give students access to Rev. Deb’s expertise beyond one-on-one sessions. They explore a wide range of spiritual topics and practices.


Students receive a booklet of introductory material about the course as soon as they enroll, and then a workbook at the beginning of each new quarter. The workbooks contain abbreviated lesson material, questions for thought, and blank pages for making notes.


The Miracles Course Facebook Page is a private page for informal student interaction. Students may use this page to share wisdom, resources, and thoughts; to request and offer healing and prayer; and to discuss a wide range of topics. Student Supervisor, Rev. Sandy Boyer monitors this page keeping it lively, posting announcements, and encouraging community-building discussion. The Facebook page provides an ongoing support system for both current and former students.


The Miracles Course is a transformational program rather than an academic one. It’s designed to change you, improve your quality of life, and help you manifest your highest purpose. It works on a number of levels simultaneously. Specifically, the content includes:

  • Information, methodologies, and exercises for applying spiritual principles in a wide variety of practical life contexts ranging from the mundane (such as how to break an unproductive habit or handle money), to the interpersonal (such as how to attract the right people and relate effectively), to the metaphysical (such as spiritual healing, manifesting through intention, and claiming spiritual power).
  • Questions and exercises to enhance personal insight and self-awareness.
  • Spiritual work: the group energy established through the guided meditations creates a powerful virtual group for spiritual work that allows shifts and growth of all sorts to happen at a highly accelerated rate.
  • An archetypal journey: the totality of the course touches upon many archetypal experiences of wholeness, evoking subconscious participation in a hero’s journey of transfiguration. So, even when you don’t give full attention to every exercise, your subconscious mind is drawn, nonetheless, into a growth process. You’re likely to see the events of your life reflecting this in significant changes, opportunities, and healing that evolve serendipitously and echo the themes of your course work.


The Miracles Course defines “ministry” as a path of positive contribution. Everyone has such a path. The more we commit to living a miraculous life, the more we find that we quite naturally take others with us. Without even trying, our innate capacity to lead, to heal, and to assist powerfully emerges. Though we may never have thought of ourselves as having a “ministry,” that is what our life becomes. This path of ordination is ideal for anyone drawn to the service, outreach, and the calling of ministry yet not to traditional religion. More on the Miracles Course as a path of ordination


Entry dates for new students fall near the beginning of each season: March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1.

Students enroll and pay for one season at a time. There is no starting point to the course just as there is no beginning or end to a circle. The seasons offer a template for wholeness and the lessons aren’t meant to be a linear route to an end so much as catalysts for synchronicities, awakenings, manifestations, and miracles that can happen anywhere along the way. Consequently, all students work with the same lesson material regardless of when they start and the exercises can be done again and again without losing their relevance. Enroll Here

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