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Now accepting students for the Spring Quarter beginning March 8th


Registration cutoff for the Spring Quarter is March 15th.

Study Buddy Discount:

Enroll with one or more friends and each receive a $100 tuition discount. 

(at least one of you must be a new rather than returning student to receive this discount.)

Group Discounts:

Enroll with two or more others and each of you will receive a $100 tuition discount

for as many quarters as your group remains together.

To Register

Fill out the form completely if you are a new student and click on the “Send Registration” button. You will be notified that the form has been submitted.  If you are a returning student, please enter your email address and you will be directed to make your tuition payment for the current quarter.

Tuition Payment Options:

1.      Pay in full at the start of each 12-week session: $425 

2.      Monthly Payment Plan: To register, new students pay an initial $200 fee which includes a $50 start-up fee and a $150 first monthly payment. Then, monthly payments are $150, due on the 1st of the month, for each quarter attended.

Returning students (who have completed one or more quarters) don’t need to pay a start-up fee as long as participation is continuous. If students take one or more quarters off, monthly payments will again begin with a $200 first payment, due with registration.

Please note that your first payment of each new quarter represents your commitment to pay for the entire three-month session.

Refund Policy
If you have paid in full for an upcoming quarter and decide not to attend, or if you are on a monthly payment plan and decide not to participate in the quarter of course work you’re paying toward, we will refund all but $150 of your payment or defer your participation for up to one year. To receive this refund, you must notify us no later than 15 days into the quarter (March 15, June 15, September 15, or December 15). After this, no refunds are given and those on a payment plan will be billed for the entire quarter.

Enrollment Policy
Students enroll for a minimum of one 3-month session at a time. The program is designed as a continuous series of four quarters. If a quarter is missed, the material can’t be picked up again until the following year as the content is seasonally based and is only available during that season. If you find yourself falling behind, we suggest completing the year as best you can and auditing the next year.

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