Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does Miracles Course participation require?

The course is packed with material and exercises. Ultimately, it will take whatever time you give it. Truly, it’s more of a course for life than a year-long program and the sooner you begin, even devoting a small amount of time, the sooner you’ll start to see its transformational benefits. Few students will be able to digest every bit of every lesson in one year and it’s not necessary to do so. What’s more, while every lesson is different, there are themes that repeat. A concept you rush through in one season due to a busy life, you’ll encounter again in a whole different way in another season. Graduates of the program who want to stay enrolled after completing a full year may do so. The nature of the curriculum makes it an excellent ongoing structure for personal growth and spiritual community.

Does the Miracles Course require sophisticated technology or computer expertise?

The equipment and skills you need to participate are fairly simple. Any computer with internet access will enable you to participate. For live webinars, a computer with a built-in microphone is optimal (this includes any computer with Skype capability) but not necessary. Our Technical Administrator, Cynthia Lilquist, will assist you with technical support as needed.

Are payment plans available?

Yes, see the Enrollment page for details on this.

What if I fall behind in the lessons?

Students may take as long as needed to complete the course material and don’t have to pay more than one full year of tuition to continue to participate in most aspects of the program. If you should fall behind, you are encouraged to jump to the most current lesson and then go back to the ones you skipped when you have time. This is generally a better way to catch up than by being perpetually one to several lessons behind other students and the seasonal content.

May I share course materials with non-students?

Each lesson has special content designed to be shared and we encourage students to do so. These adapted-for-group lessons (see Start your own Study Group) even include hand-outs that can be mass produced to aid group discussion. We request that our students not share forum access or materials other than those designed specifically for group work. The live webinars with Lynn Woodland are for students only, except when specifically advertised as being open to the public. If you have questions about what’s an appropriate or inappropriate use of the Miracle Course materials, please contact Lynn Woodland

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