The Miracles Course as an Ordination Program


The Miracles Course defines “ministry” as a path of positive contribution. Everyone has such a path. The more we commit to living a miraculous life, the more we find that we quite naturally take others with us. Without even trying, our innate capacity to lead, to heal, and to assist powerfully emerges. Though we may never have thought of ourselves as having a “ministry,” that is what our life becomes. This path of ordination is ideal for anyone drawn to the service, outreach, and the calling of ministry yet not to traditional religion.

Requirements for Ordination

  1. Submit a written comment on each lesson. To meet the requirement for ordination, students need to give some attention to every lesson and submit a written response to it. These are not graded or formally evaluated in any way. They simply let us know that you’ve worked with and grasped the lessons. This is done primarily through posting comments on the online lesson forums but if students prefer a more private correspondence with the Student Supervisor who monitors these responses, they may be sent by private email or even by regular mail.
  1. Lead four sacred gatherings. The second requirement for ordination is to create and lead four events that bring people together in an intentional, guided, sacred way and then describe your event online for other students to see. Students receive as much help as they need with this assignment and those who’ve worried about it have often come up with creative options that are comfortably well-suited to their personal styles. There is no time pressure around this course and students may complete these ordination requirements at their own pace, graduating in a year, in fifteen months, or in several years. This assignment is recommended for all students but they’re not required except to qualify for ordination.
  1. Participate in four spiritual counseling sessions. The third requirement for ordination is to participate in four spiritual counseling sessions with Rev. Deb Teramani or Lynn Woodland. Sessions with Rev. Deb are included in the tuition fee. If you would prefer to have sessions with Lynn Woodland instead, this would be at her current rate for intuitive counseling (see her website for private session fees and to schedule an appointment.)

 Ordination is awarded after the faculty team determines that a student has successfully completed these requirements and has demonstrated an adequate mastery of the material.

Miracles Course ordination students receive legally recognized ordination through Miracles of the Spirit. Miracles of the Spirit founded by Rev. Lynn Woodland, is an independent ministry dedicated to inclusive, New Thought spirituality and the experience of miracles. Its mission is to foster spiritual growth, healing, and community in a wide range of online and in-person settings.

 Miracles of the Spirit is an independent, 501(c)(3), New Thought ministry founded by Lynn Woodland, the purpose of which is to:

  • Foster spiritual growth, healing and community in a wide range of online and in person settings.
  • Support individuals in pursuing their own unique ministries and spiritual callings.
  • Further the seven spiritual principles identified in our statement of belief.


Statement of Beliefs

Miracles of the Spirit Seven Spiritual Principles:


 1. We create reality through our state of mind. Therefore, we have limitless possibilities in all situations, and are never victims of circumstances beyond our control because we can always choose to change our state of mind. 

2. Our point of power is in the present. Because we create our reality through our state of mind, and our state of mind exists only in the present, manifesting any desired future outcome begins with a change in consciousness in the moment.

3. Love powers the universe and is the one true power. Therefore, our experience of health, wellbeing, creativity and success increases as we give attention to love rather than fear.

 4. Love is the only true reality. Love is what’s left when fear, separateness and illusion are released.

 5. Our true relationship to one another is Oneness rather than separateness. Our power increases exponentially as we recognize this and replace competition with synergy.

 6. There is a limitless, benevolent source of power, wisdom and love that’s always available to us. Therefore, we don’t need to live in fear of scarcity, and we are never alone.

7. Every being is an expression of the Divine. We are more than our physical body; we are spiritual beings. Therefore, we don’t need to be afraid of death, separation or illness, and every individual has the ability to heal, to teach, and to make a positive difference.

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