What would your ministry look like?


The Miracles Course as an Ordination Program

What does “ministry” mean to you?

The Miracles Course defines “ministry” as a path of positive contribution. Everyone has such a path. The more we commit to living a miraculous life, the more we find that we quite naturally take others with us. Without even trying, our innate capacity to lead, to heal, and to assist powerfully emerges. Though we may never have thought of ourselves as having a “ministry,” that is what our life becomes. This path of ordination is ideal for anyone drawn to the service, outreach, and the calling of ministry yet not to traditional

Even if you never imagined yourself being ordained, you might be surprised to discover unexpected meaning and life direction emerging as you simply explore this designation.

Here’s where one Miracles Course graduate took her ministry:

What will your ministry look like?


Find out more about ordination through the Miracles Course at:



Miracles Course ordination students receive legally recognized ordination through Miracles of the Spirit, an independent, 501(c)(3), New Thought ministry founded by Lynn Woodland.

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